This article is about important historical events not shown in episodes. For timeline of episodes, see Chronological Order of Episodes.

Calendar of important historical events

Date Location Event
-524 Caldonia The first human settlement of Caldonia is founded.
-489 Caldonia King Caldon, first human Monarch of Caldonia, comes to power.
-360 Caldonia The Scrag assassinate King Rodaran I, demanding the humans leave Caldonia
-310 Caldonia All out war between the Scrag and humans of Caldonia.
000 Caldonia Caldonia freezes over.
000 Arcadia Arcadia experiences a cataclysmic event that reshapes the land and many lives are lost.
000 Drekis Brimstone the Fire Incarnate becomes trapped under a Volcano on Embershore Isle.
~1000 Free Towns The unkillable Vampire Cassandra is imprisoned in a tomb at the southern end of the Draken Ridge by the Hill Folk.
1508-12-07 Eridon Silax seiges Redport with Giants
1509-01-24 Eridon Rohana reads Georg's mind and thinks he's a Litch, prompting an emergency response from all the nobles
1509-01-29 Eridon Georg Arrives in Misty Rapids for the first time
1509-02-04 Eridon Georg becomes Arc Mage of Misty Rapids
1509-02-20 Eridon Anvil Conquered by Bastards of the Firewood
1509-05-21 Eridon Wendlin family party fire, killing dozens of nobles in a village near Rainwood
1509-06-11 Drekis The Calodina Expedition sets out
1509-06-13 Eridon Georg and Baron Song conquer Cauldron
1509-06-15 Eridon Embershore moves near Gade Isle
1509-06-18 Caldonia The Caldonian Expedition makes landfall
1509-06-20 Eridon Count Vicious' forces all gathered in Fortune
1509-06-28 Eridon Anvil surrounded by Count Vicious' forces
1509-06-30 Eridon Anvil retaken by Count Vicious
1509-07-12 Eridon Brimstone the Red Dragon is freed near Gade Isle
1509-08-23 Eridon Countess Castillion of Thornwood is assassinated
1509-08-24 Eridon Stromheim temple destroyed
1509-08-24 Eridon Stromheim closes gates
1509-08-25 Eridon Baroness Valmont of Shirebrook is assassinated
1509-10-28 Eridon Brimstone the Red Dragon is killed on Icecap
1509-11-12 Eridon Baron Song become Count Song of Thornwood
1509-11-15 Eridon Embershore moves back to the Shallow Sea
1509-11-18 Eridon Malakai sets fire to Redport, burning hundreds of civilians
1509-11-26 Eridon Georg becomes Baron of Misty Rapids
1509-12-04 Eridon Van-Healsing & Kain go to Otherside
1509-12-09 Eridon Green dragon spotted in Newfort
1509-12-10 Eridon Green dragon spotted in Shirebrook
1509-12-28 Eridon Malakai & Georg go to Otherside
1509-12-30 Eridon Demons come through portal in Shirebrook
1510-01-01 Eridon Shirebrook falls to Demons
1510-01-02 Eridon Thornwood falls to Demons
1510-01-03 Eridon Rainwood, Peatsburg, and Anvil fall to demons
1510-01-01 Eridon Portal in Shirebrook is closed, and moved to Shirebrook Keep
1510-01-05 Eridon Plainsview falls to demons
1510-01-06 Eridon Tassel, Misty Rapids, and Newfort fall to demons
1510-01-06 Eridon Georg turned to stone. Malakai & Van-Healsing flee to Drekis
1510-01-07 Eridon Cauldron, and Heatstroke fall to demons
1510-01-09 Eridon Limestone falls to demons
1510-01-10 Eridon Longcast attacked by demons
1510-03-28 Eridon Zweihard Blacksteel views Heatstroke
1510-04-10 Eridon Drekissin Fleet lost
1510-05-01 Eridon Zweihard Blacksteel releases the grell
1510-05-15 Mistrya Old Vodan seiged
1510-08-14 Mistrya Honeyreach sacked
1510-09-27 Mistrya Halfhill sacked
1511-03-22 Akuba King of Akuba killed.
1511-05-02 Mistrya Stoutend sacked
1511-05-13 Mistrya Dawngate sacked
1511-05-22 Mistrya Scoria attacks Drekissin troops
1511-07-11 Caldonia Captain Hughes killed