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In this "Monster of the Week" style show, a rotating cast of characters find themselves in a different wacky situation every session. Each session starts in the town of Bergshire inside Shenanigans (Location), a tavern run by the famous former adventurer Desmond and his wife Elizabeth, "Lizzy". Other reoccurring NPCS include their 13 year old daughter Layla who is studying at the local wizard academy Woghorts, Borch the Orc cook that Desmond saved during one of his former adventures, and their not-so-helpful Kobold assistants.

PCs Who have been seen in Shenanigans


Chapter 1

Shenanigans Episode 001: The Bloody Bards Youtube20px

Shenanigans Episode 002: Bessy the Cow Youtube20px

Shenanigans Episode 003 Youtube20px

Shenanigans Episode 004 Youtube20px

Shenanigans Episode 005 Youtube20px

Shenanigans Episode 006 Youtube20px

Shenanigans Episode 007 Youtube20px

Shenanigans Episode 008 Youtube20px

Shenanigans Episode 009 Youtube20px

Shenanigans Episode 010 - You can't beat the Draw Youtube20px

Dicing with Death Episode 61 Youtube20px

  • DM – Neal, Players - Krewbarb
  • Krewbarb discovers under the abandoned church is a trapped Red Dragon. Finds a large coin with a dragon on it.

Shenanigans Episode 011 Youtube20px

Shenanigans Episode 012 Youtube20px

Shenanigans Episode 013 Youtube20px

Chapter 2

Shenanigans Episode 014 Youtube20px

Shenanigans Episode 015 Youtube20px

Shenanigans Episode 016 Youtube20px

Shenanigans Episode 017 Youtube20px

Shenanigans Episode 018 Youtube20px

Shenanigans Episode 019 Youtube20px

  • DM – Neal, Players - Kourie Silvertongue,
  • Kourie meets Baroness Jezebel. She tells him that her Husband, Baron Axel, is cheating on her. She asks Kourie for proof.

Shenanigans Episode 020 Youtube20px

  • DM – Neal, Players - Kourie Silvertongue,
  • Kourie meets Gimpin the goblin. Contact for the underworld in Bergshire. Deals in blackmarket things and hard to come by items.

Shenanigans Episode 021 Youtube20px

Shenanigans Episode 022 Youtube20px

Shenanigans Episode 023 Youtube20px

Shenanigans Episode 024 Youtube20px

Shenanigans Episode 025 Youtube20px

Shenanigans Episode 026 Youtube20px

Shenanigans Episode 027 Youtube20px

Shenanigans Episode 028 - Borch's 1st Marriage Youtube20px

Chapter 3

Shenanigans Episode 029 Youtube20px

Shenanigans Episode 030 Youtube20px

One Shots: Nick Youtube20px

  • DM – Neal, Players - Tharik
  • Tharik, a Mercenary, starting from Shenanigans, Bergshire, finds that the Inn is full so goes to find another Inn. He is lured to the Bergshire cemetery by a ghost of a young girl, requesting his help. Tharik discovers the girl was buried alive and then works to solve the mystery of who in the Manor House committed the crime.

Shenanigans Episode 031 Youtube20px

Missing Shenanigans Episode

  • DM – Neal, Players - Ferdinano Del Toro and others
  • It is the dog races. Kourie Silvertongue's Kobold Casio is destroyed when the party try to recruit the Kobolds as running dogs. The Kobolds are all killed. The building sacked.

Shenanigans Episode 032 Youtube20px

Shenanigans Episode 033 Youtube20px

Shenanigans Episode 034 Youtube20px

  • DM – Neal, Players - Friar Morton Bixby, Kelur, Hrun, Ffflewoour
  • The party steal a large amount of money while on a quest to get it back.
  • Morton Bixby buys the abandoned church outside town. The party discover the secret basement with the red dragon inside. Krewbarb pushed to his death down a pit by Ffflewoour. The party return to the red dragon and don't give it the coin it wants and they are burnt to death except Hrun.

Chapter 4

Shenanigans Episode 035 Youtube20px

Shenanigans Episode 036: Run Niarb Run - 7 Jul 2016 Youtube20px

Shenanigans Episode 037: Poach-e-mon Go! Youtube20px

Shenanigans Episode 038: The Prince and the Devil Youtube20px

  • DM – Neal, Players - Dave Growl, Niarb, The Captain
  • The Prince is holding a music contest.
  • Dave Growl's lute is sabotaged by two bards, who act smug about it.
  • That night outside in the rain, Niarb casts hold person. Destroys their violin and issues threats to never mess with Dave Growl. However he leaves them held person so long that they drown in a puddle after he leaves.
  • Niarb creates a custom lute for Dave Growl.
  • The group meet with a demon who is offering a magic lute. They refuse so there is a fight. The Capain is KOed.
  • The Captain is eaten by a bear on the way back to town.

Shenanigans Episode 039 Youtube20px

Shenanigans Episode 040: Election Day Youtube20px

  • DM – Greg, Players - Niarb, Arty
  • Election day. Colonel Sanders becomes the city major.

Shenanigans Episode 041 Youtube20px

Shenanigans Episode 042 Youtube20px

Shenanigans Episode 043 Youtube20px

Shenanigans Episode 044: Day of the Grateful Dead Youtube20px

Shenanigans Episode 045: Homomethized Milk Youtube20px

  • DM – Neal, Players - Melissa Silvertongue, Bork,
  • Bork kills a pickpocket and gets thrown in the dungeons with Melissa. They escape and clear their names by following a clue to Bessy's Farm. The pair discover the dark secret of Bessy's new owners.

Shenanigans Episode 046 Youtube20px

Chapter 5

Missing Shenanigans Episode

  • Unknown plot, but Zen and Maximilian first appeared in an un-archived episode.

Shenanigans Episode 047 Youtube20px

Shenanigans Episode 048: The Town Flood Youtube20px

  • DM – Neal, Players - The Wrok, Melissa Silvertongue, Zen, Fabhidez
  • Desmond floods the town.
  • It is revealed that Desmond was the one who created the Berg River in the first place by opening up the aquifer.
  • Zen makes a Flame Knife with Cogwrench Hammerbench to create instant toast.

Shenanigans Episode 049: Count Vamp Ire Youtube20px

Shenanigans Episode 050 Youtube20px

Shenanigans Episode 051: Pest Control Youtube20px

Shenanigans Episode 052: The Royal Dogcatcher Youtube20px

Shenanigans Episode 053 Youtube20px

Shenanigans Episode 054 Youtube20px

Shenanigans Episode 055 Youtube20px

Shenanigans Episode 056 Youtube20px

Shenanigans Episode 057 Youtube20px

Shenanigans Episode 058 Youtube20px

Shenanigans Episode 059 Youtube20px

Shenanigans Episode 060 Youtube20px

Shenanigans Episode 061: Sentient Furniture Youtube20px

Shenanigans Episode 062: The Great Pizza Caper Youtube20px

Shenanigans Episode 063: Crypt of the Necrodancer Youtube20px

Shenanigans Episode 064: Arty's Nightmare Youtube20px

Shenanigans Episode 065: The Cask of Sierra Youtube20px

Shenanigans Episode 066: The Birthday Cake Fiasco Youtube20px

Chapter 6

Shenanigans Episode 067: The Box of Many Problems Youtube20px

Shenanigans Episode 068: Desomond's Beach Vacation Youtube20px

  • DM – Neal, Players - The Wrok, Gerald, Tapion, Cassandra
  • Desmond and his family go on a Beach Vacation and hire the party as their entourage to keep people from bothering him.

Shenanigans Episode 069: Books are best returned cold Youtube20px

  • DM – Neal, Players - The Wrok, Gerald, Vyryzyryx/Mike Michaelson
  • Desmond has an overdue library book and has the party return it for him.

Shenanigans Episode 070: RLR Beer Run Youtube20px

Shenanigans Episode 071: To Become A Prince Youtube20px

  • DM – Neal, Players - Zen, Droopy, D'nomsed,
  • Desmond doppelganger from another dimension D'nomsed arrives in town, just as a contest to marry the Princess of Drekis, heir to the throne, is announced.

Shenanigans Episode 072: Roc Egg Redux Youtube20px

Shenanigans Episode 073: Jexel's Unseen Servant Youtube20px

  • DM – Neal, Players - Zen, Carlo Legna,
  • Someone is pranking Shenanigans.
  • The party set a trap by having Borch make a Birthday Cake. The prankster can't get to it, so everyone is forced to eat the cake.

Shenanigans Episode 074: Luna High Security Farms Youtube20px

Shenanigans Episode 075: Pants Delivery Youtube20px

Shenanigans Episode 076: He'll be back Youtube20px

  • DM – Neal, Players - Zen, Rince, Gallum, Tersam Adoy, Kascadia
  • party asked for first time where they are sitting. They choose the corner next to the stairs.
  • Terminator Episode.

Shenanigans Episode 077: The Totally Tubular Town Tournament Youtube20px

Shenanigans Episode 078: Stuffing Twitch20px- Not on Youtube

Shenanigans Episode 079: Shady Acres Youtube20px

Shenanigans Episode 080: The No Pants Dance Youtube20px

  • DM – Neal, Players - Big Bad Cane, Al
  • Dream sequence episode where weird things happen, but because it is Shenanigans, the players just think it is a natural part of the setting.
  • Al is killed in the dream by a Wino, a drunk Rhino, that in the dream could jump on top of buildings.

Shenanigans Episode 081: Average Joe's Average Quest Youtube20px

Shenanigans Episode 082: The Pie Eating Contest Youtube20px

  • DM – Neal, Players - Big Bad Cane, Average Joe, Eliott
  • Pie eating contest.
  • The party have to keep their pie safe while trying to eat/destroy the other contestants pies.

Shenanigans Episode 083: The Calling Youtube20px

Shenanigans Episode 084: Blood of my Ancestors Youtube20px

Shenanigans Episode 085: Rescue Me Youtube20px

Shenanigans Episode 086: Dice Hard Youtube20px

Shenanigans Episode 087: New Years party Youtube20px

Shenanigans Episode 088: Peace Waffles Youtube20px

  • DM – Rob, Players - The Wrok, Howard, Julia,
  • The party have to gather the ingredients for the Peace Waffles for peace talks between Drekis and Akuba.

Shenanigans Episode 089: Caldonian Archives Youtube20px

  • DM – Neal, Players - The Wrok, Howard, Victor, Moe
  • High Princess Sela tries to hire Desmond. He refuses, but refers her to the party.
  • The party gather information from an ancient library for Princess Sela to help out Frozen Frontier.
  • The Wrok and Howard are knighted. Victor recieves some more land for his noble family. Moe gets a all you can eat coupon at any nobles house for one whole year.

Shenanigans Episode 090: Borch's 2nd Marriage Youtube20px

  • DM – Neal, Players - Kel Howard, Nach
  • The party talk with local Orc tribes in order to find someone to date Borch.

Shenanigans Episode 091: The Gnomish Problem Youtube20px

  • DM – Neal, Players - Average Joe, Yulara
  • The party are hired to remove the architect of the new Stone Lighthouse in Stoneport because he is an annoying gnome.

Shenanigans Episode 092: Doggy Delivery Youtube20px

Shenanigans Episode 093: Don't call them cows Youtube20px

Shenanigans Episode 094: The Rock Collection Youtube20px

Shenanigans Episode 095: Logging Litigation Youtube20px

Shenanigans Episode 096: Pixie Sticks - Pixies not included Youtube20px

Shenanigans Episode 097: Liecanthrope Youtube20px

Shenanigans Episode 098: Adventure to Footmire Youtube20px

Chapter 7

Shenanigans Episode 099: It's Just a Troll Bro Youtube20px

Shenanigans Episode 100: The Really Dark Episode Youtube20px

  • DM – Neal, Players - Kyla, Victor, Doreen, Zunken Rushbutt, Sarff, Karasu
  • The party is tasked with making a love potion.
  • The need the 'tears of a broken heart'. They give a puppy to a 8-year-old girl called Susy, then later kill the dog in front of her after she fell in love with it.
  • Doreen adopts a puppy, Snuffles, and keeps it safe.

Shenanigans Episode 101: A day in the life Youtube20px

  • DM – Neal, Players - Kyla, Tork, Doreen, Sarff, Hunter
  • A cart the party use to transport something comes alive and eats people into another dimension.

Shenanigans Episode 102: Cold Murder Youtube20px

  • DM – Neal, Players - Doreen, Zunken Rushbutt, Karasu, Siloan, Vignar
  • Siloan & Vignar think they have swapped bodies when they haven't.
  • The party is hired to kill a noble, Lord Steven of Springfield, the eldest brother of Kel Williams by his other older brother, James.
  • Lord Steven sent all his solders away to fight at Old Vodan, leaving the villages defenceless from Goblin Raids. So he hired the Goblins as the soldiers. Lord James hires the party to take out his unstable brother, but doesn't reveal to the party who he is or his connection to Steven.
  • Karasu, Siloan & Vignar are killed by the goblins

Shenanigans Episode 103: The Cat Catchers Youtube20px

Shenanigans Episode 104: The 3 Artys and the party Youtube20px

Shenanigans Episode 105: Sibling Rivalry Youtube20px

Shenanigans Episode 106: Ouhla Lah Youtube20px

  • DM – Neal, Players - Big Bad Cane, Doreen, Tork, Victor
  • Neal tests out his new poison system rules by throwing venomous creatures at the party. Mostly spiders.

Shenanigans Episode 107: Dogcatchers Youtube20px

  • DM – Neal, Players - Kyla, Doreen, Tork, Sevestrius Seletius
  • Some thugs try to kidnap Tork, but the party save him.
  • Doreen's puppy Snuffles is stolen. The party follow the trail to an underground dog fighting ring on the Docks.
  • They report it to Sheriff Muscles. He decides to flood the underground dog fighting ring.
  • Sevestrius Seletius dies, but Kyla, Doreen, Tork escape with Doreen's puppy.

Shenanigans Episode 108: The 4 DMs Youtube20px

  • DM – Neal, Players - Kyla, Doreen, Tork,
  • There is a pot hole problem in Bergshire. The party are first tasked to save a grandmother from a hole. But Baron Axel is in big trouble when holes on his grounds reveal something unsettling.

Shenanigans Episode 109: Desmond buys Shenanigans Youtube20px

  • 23rd June, 2018
  • DM – Neal, Players - Kyla, Doreen, Tork, Big Bad Cane, May
  • The party find themselves trapped alone in Shenanigans in the morning with mysterious force stopping them leaving. They watch a series of flashback to when Desmond and Lizzy purchased the bar.

Shenanigans 110: Bone Powder Youtube20px

  • 30th June, 2018
  • DM – Neal, Players - Average Joe, Tork, May
  • Layla needs bone dust and gets the party to gather some. Sheriff Muscles tells the party a village to the south of Bergshire has an ogre problem.

Shenanigans 111: The Gnomish Necromancer Youtube20px

Shenanigans 112: Goblins Troubles Twitch20px

  • 14th July 2018
  • DM – Neal, Players -
  • General Premise Infomation Here
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Chapter 6

067: The Box of Many Problems · 068: Desmond's Beach Vacation · 069: Books are best returned cold · 070: RLR Beer Run · 071: To Become A Prince · 072: Roc Egg Redux · 073: Jexel's Unseen Servant · 074: Luna High Security Farms · 075: Pants Delivery · 076: He'll be back · 077: The Totally Tubular Town Tournament · 078: Stuffing · 079: Shady Acres · 080: The No Pants Dance · 081: Average Joe's Average Quest · 082: The Pie Eating Contest · 083: The Calling · 084: Blood of my Ancestors · 085: Rescue Me · 086: Dice Hard · 087: New Years party · 088: Peace Waffles · 089: Caldonian Archives · 090: Borch's 2nd Marriage · 091: The Gnomish Problem · 092: Doggy Delivery · 093: Don't call them cows · 094: The Rock Collection · 095: Logging Litigation · 096: Pixie Sticks · 097: Liecanthrope · 098: Adventure to Footmire

Chapter 7

099: It's Just a Troll Bro · 100: The Really Dark Episode · 101: A day in the life · 102: Cold Murder · 103: The Cat Catchers · 104: The 3 Artys and the party · 105: Sibling Rivalry · 106: Ouhla Lah · 107: Dogcatchers · 108: The 4 DMs · 109: Desmond Buys Shenanigans · 110: Bone Powder · 111: The Gnomish Necromancer · 112: Goblins Troubles