Ep 2: The Raider's Camp (Part 1)


Map by Jared Blando


Location of Rear Guard Fight


Map by Jared Blando

Night Three (continued)
The party is still at the camp south-west from Greenest, around the unconscious and tied up cultist. Melonie wakes up the cultist with some water. Knight Shart tries to question the prisoner, but he is just called a traitor.

Korbal convinces the prisoner to just tell him where the Raider's Camp is south. Along the way south 15 miles away is a Rear Guard.

The party argue what to do with the prisoner. Trior Hizon promised not to kill him, so he wants to bury the prisoner alive. Korbal executes the prisoner as a mercy.

Day Four
The party then head south. Melonie scouts ahead to find the Rear Guard. They are waiting in ambush, but some seem a higher rank. She returns to the party and they plan an ambush.

Night Four
The party stealth in for the ambush. Knight Shart makes a noise and wakes one up. He raises an alarm as the fight starts. Melonie killed one of the cultists and Solania snipes another. Then Maven starts a magical bonfire on top of the dead cultist. Another cultist wakes up, but Solania slashes another one.

Korbal jumps down to get to the next group as Maven moves the fire on top of the Cultist Leader on the other rock ledge. Solania snipes another cultist. The other cultists move down to attack. Solania keep firing. Maven catapults a bolder at the Cultist Leader.

The Cultist Leader and another Cultist charge at Melonie and Korbal. Melonie kills the cultist and the party now gang up on the Cultist Leader. Korbal gets the killing blow.

Day Five
The party take the Cultist clothes and change into them. They party make a plan to infiltrate the camp. The party head south and spot some watchtowers. Knight Shart, Trior and Maven sneak into the camp while disguised as cultists. Korbal, Melonie and Solania spy on the camp from a nearby clifftop, and see the cultists are wearing normal clothes.