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Greenest by Jared Blando


Melonie Mirkana, Maven Mirkana, Korbal Tallfort, and Oliver the dog, are on the way to Greenest, but they spot it is under-siege by a blue dragon. Melonie urges the others to rush in to help the town.

They go in to save a woman, Linan Swift as well some civilians, who is being attacked by 5 Kobolds. Melonie moves in with her whip to kill one. Maven sleeps the others. Korbal then goes in to clean up. The group head to the keep.

Elsewhere in town Trior Hizon has the roof to his Shrine to Helm destroyed. He leads some civilians towards the keep. The High Elf Solania in the crowd with the others. Trior and Solania hear the town apothecary is in need of help and head over to save him. 3 Kobolds and a Cultist are there.

A flying Kobold drops a bolder on Trior, but Solania shoots that kobold out of the sky. Trior heads over to the cultist, but is stabbed in the back by a Kobold. Another Kobold attacks Solania, but she kills him. The Cultist and Trior exchange blows, then Solania kills the cultist with an arrow. Trior then runs into the burning building to save the apothecary's pet cat.

The two parties meet up on the way to the keep. Korbal heals up Solania. The party reach the keep, and there are 4 kobolds, 2 cultists and a flying kobold outside. Maven casts sleep, knocking out 3 Kobolds. The awake Kobolds charge forwards who are slain as well as one Cultist. The other Cultist wakes up the sleeping kobolds. The last Cultist charges. Melonie is knocked unconscious. And the rest of the kobolds and cultist is killed. Melonie is revived by Trior.

The blue dragon lands, and the party flees into the keep with all the children.