Baudo-class star yacht

The Banshee

Ch 1: The Traitors Gambit (Part 3)

The Banshee. Meer Kranik repairs B1T-3R (mostly). There is an announcement that they are nearing Alderaan, so everyone straps in for landing.

After landing the party disembark. They are told they aren't allowed to carry weapons on the Alderaan.

There are several Alderaanian honor guards outside the Banshee along with a servant who takes the party into the palace. Senator Bail Organa meets them in the Grand Hall.

The Senator thanks the party for what they are done. He then trusts the party with a mission on Felucia. An Imperial Admiral, Admiral Gilder Varth had been leaking information to the rebellion for the past few of months, but communications stopped a little over a week ago. Reports says the Admiral was taken to Felucia against his will. The party's task is to rescue the Admiral.

The party collect supplies for their coming mission. That night everyone goes to rest, B1-T3R enters Adiara Drayson room and keep an eye on her since he doesn't trust her.

In the middle of the night Meer visits Kalle Sojan's room and share a drink. Meer asks Kalle why he was fighting for the Imperials, and Kalle doesn't elaborate. Meer talks about how much he can trust Imperial Senator Organa. Kalle wonders if Meer can see past the labels people had before they rebelled.

The next day the party return to the Banshee with Sirona Okeefe. Maya stays behind on Alderaan having being given different orders.

The Banshee launch into space then hyperspace towards Felucia. During the trip Meer installs a sensor pack into B1-T3R. B1-T3R then socialises with the droid pilot, Crash.

The party then go over the plans with the crew of the Banshee. The prison facility is deep in the jungle, away from the cities.

When the ship leaves Hyperspace they see an Imperial Destroyer in orbit. Captain Okeefe & Crash dive the straight into the planet, then violently land on the surface. The Banshee will need repairs before they can take off again. The are a little over a day away by foot to the prison.

The party head into the jungle, as Captain Okeefe & Crash stay behind with the Banshee to do repairs.

The jungle is humid and full of insects under the giant mushrooms. B1T-3R leads the way the expected 12 hour trip to the prison. After an initial problem, the party made good time. For the first 3 hours.

After taking a rest the party continue onwards into the jungle. After another 3 hour they come across a swamp with some island of land jutting out, everything covered in a faint mist. The party move though the swamp then B1T-3R spots 4 Felucians. B1T-3R gives out the command to take cover to the others who can't see. The party move towards the nearby islands as B1T-3R opens fire and takes two out. Adiara sees one and shoots it set to stun, but isn't enough and gets hit herself, so B1T-3R takes it out. Meer takes another out.

After the right a man, Vazus Mandrake, runs out, urging the fighting to end, but he is too late as the 4 Felucians Scouts are dead. Vazus Mandrake was a separatist and has been here since the battle for Felucia 8 years ago. The Felucians gave him shelter when he fled into the swamp nearly dead. The Scouts mistook the party for Imperials.

The party follow Vazus Mandrake towards the Felucian Village.