Sel Zonn Station

Ch 1: The Traitors Gambit (Part 2)

Before Switch can tell the the location of the cargo, there is blaster fire outside. Then Ganga Lor, a Chevin gangster comes bursting into the room with some thugs. Ganga Lor is upset that Switch isn't paying a cut of his deal, and he orders his thugs to open fire.

Switch and his men return fire, but Switch's men betrayed them. The party join in the fight. All of the mobsters and the traitors are killed. The party are injured.

After the fight ended Switch is worried about the state of his fancy desk. He knew his men weren't totally loyal, but was using them to feed false information to Ganga Lor. Switch gives the party a voucher for the medical center. Switch then tells the party the cargo they are after is a someone in carbonite, another agent of Alderaanian Security who has been frozen in carbonite for transport from the Deep Core world of Empress Teta. The agent had himself frozen so that he could be transported as cargo rather than as a passenger, reducing the chance that the Empire would find and arrest him. The cargo is on Blue Deck.

Kalle Sojan checks in with Maya on the comms, and they are told to keep the man in carbonite so he they can avoid detection. The party head over to the Medical Station first. After they are healed, they head up to blue deck.

The party step onto Blue Deck, it is like entering a wholly different space station. The floors are polished and possess a metallic sheen, and the massive windows along one wall grant the most magnificent view of Brentaal IV available on the station. Maintenance and service droids flit about from one place to the next, keeping everything clean and ordered. Moving about the halls of Blue Deck are large numbers of Humans, most of them wealthy by all appearances. They pay little attention to the few aliens found in the area, except, perhaps, to sneer as they pass.

Adiara spots an Imperial Informant so warns Kalle. Kalle suggests Adiara tell the Imperial Informant that she is undercover and needs him to leave. Adiara stares at the Imperial Informant, who then sulks away. The party head off while Kalle hides in ambush and jumps the Imperial Informant and whaps him. Kalle then lets him go.

The party continue to the Main Docking Bay where the cargo is stored. The massive hangar smells of exhaust fumes and spilled coolant and appears to have seen quite a bit of activity recently. Crates stand stacked up throughout the hangar, waiting for whatever shuttle is to transport them down to the surface. Three doors lead off the left side of the room; the bottom two are close together, and the top door leads into a control room with a transparent window overlooking the hangar itself.

An Imperial Officer and some stormtroopers recruits ask the PCs to leave. Adiara tries to use her rank, but is told that this is a crime scene and they are investigating traitorous activities. Kalle tries to bribe the officer, and the officer orders stormtroopers to arrest Kalle. The fight starts. As they shoot a few stormtroopers recruits, they see a Stormtrooper on a Repulsor Sled transporting the carbonite sled. Meer & B1T-3R are shot down. Kalle takes down the imperial officer.

Meer & B1T-3R are put on top of the carbonite sled as reinforcements come. The party hold out and call Maya for extraction. 5 minutes later a large Baudo-class Star Yacht named the Banshee drifts into the main docking bay and lowers its ramp. The party rush in.

The party greet the ship's captain, Sirona Okeefe, before the Banshee blasts off from Sel Zonn Station and makes a quick jump to hyperspace, headed for Alderaan.