Eridonian Town GadeIsle
Ruler Baron Athrin Grayson
Population 1500
Villages 62
Yearly Income 92,560 / 23,140
Populace Traits
Walls Destroyed Armorer Magic Shop
Gates None Horse Breeder Dog Breeder
Sages Yes Library Doctor
Resources Furs, Hemp, Linen, Dyes, Sugar, Lead
  • The former capital of the kingdom of Gadia before Eridon captured it. The walls of the city were torn town and the Royal Family, the Graysons, were made into Barons.
  • Now the Kell County seat
  • While the Demon Invasion of 1510 did not reach Gade Isle, it greatly weakened Stromheim's hold on the island. Serious consideration of secession is being considered.
  • Baron Athrin Grayson last heir died around 10 years ago. Rumors that it was the Dartin Family or the Lindel Family were behind it.
  • Gnomes invented heated floors for the town and installed them.


  • Ruler: Baron Athrin Grayson (in his 90s)
  • Captain:
  • Gatekeeper:
  • Sheriff: Saxton (Elderly)
  • Ranger: Lothrend
  • Watchmen:
  • Court Wizard: Arc Barthas
  • Head Cleric: Mother Genna (Doomsday Cleric, ~18 years old)



  • Lake View Inn


  • The Hot Pint
  • Gade's Place



  • Apothecary: Halfling Woman, Red Curley Hair
  • Sage: Gnome