Minotauria is the homeland of the Minotaurs.

Rumors of a Half Minotaur exist, although they are unconfirmed. Weather this is the result of a mad wizard or an exceedingly rare, but natural, paring is a point of debate for the true believers out there.

Shenanigans Lore

Honor-duels to the death are a common way of solving perceived slights at one another.

Minotaurs view wizards as weak and not deserving of being part of Minotaur society.

Milkbringer is a prestigious and important title in Minotaurian society.

Disgraced Minotaurs leave Minotauria out of shame and go to seek redemption through their other achievement across Arcadia.

They are master craftsmen when it comes to building canoes from chopping down trees and carving them into canoes.

Minotaurs treat cows with great respect as if they were a valued person in their community.

A large proportion of minotaurs operate as mercenaries and bodyguard across Arcadia.

Minotaur Height Weight
Males ?d? +
Females ?d? +
Lifespan ?

Racial Info

From Player's Option: Skills and Power

  • AC 6 , HP +6, Movement 12, Infravision 60', Size: Large
  • Natural Attack 2d6 (head butt)
  • Racial Score Requirements: Str 10/18, Dex 5/14, Con 10/18, Int 5/14 , Wis 5/18, Cha 5/18
  • Racial Ability Score Adjustments: +2 Strength, +2 Constitution, –2 Wisdom, –2 Charisma
  • Class Restrictions: Fighter, Ranger, Priest, Wizard, Thief