Area: 40,000sqm
Population Density: 30/sqm
Population: 900,000 people

Capital: 21,700
Highcastle: 15,360
Towns: 30

Urban Population: 172,060
Villages: 1,455

Sigil: A rearing lion over a field of yellow
Capital: Stromheim
Motto: Strength and Unity
Ruling Family: Thealin

Villages pay taxes to the Village Landed Knight, those taxes go to the Baron, then to the Count then to the Monarch.

It is custom in Eridon for the dead to be entombed in large catacombs beneath the various temples.

Conquest of Gadia

In 1380, Eridon conquered Gadia, the small Kingdom that resided on Gade Isle.

The Never War of 1485

Eridon tried to conquer Mahtava in 1485.

Forces made a 3 prong attack. One prong by sea in the south. One prong over land through the Giant’s Hills. One prong flown in over the canals near Peatsburg using wizards to send elite troops into the Riverwind Forest.

The invading ships were caught in a storm near the Lost Coast, destroying a fifth of the fleet and damaging another fifth to the point they had to turn back. The surviving ships met the Mahtavian fleet south of Yunta in a one sided battle. Eridonian forces retreated, but many of the ships that were damaged in the storm were too slow to escape and were hunted down by the Mahtavian fleet.

The overland prong was attacked by Xorathis’ chlorine breath weapon on the edge of The Overgrowth. The remaining troops ran into packs of hill giants, and eventually were turned back without having seen a single Mahtavian soldier.

The elite troops flown in were successful in gathering undetected, but without the main invasion branches, there was little to do. They attacked and successfully conquered Vistria, holding it for a few months. Eventually they were overrun.

The war was a massive defeat for Eridon and almost a footnote for Mahtava.

Hemdorkas Incursion

In early 1508 Grell appeared in the Hemdorkas Hills at the farth north of the Kingdom in huge numbers.

Queen Kiara, at age 19 in the first year of her reign, asked Nixiem to drive back the monsters. Nixiem refused, telling Queen Kiara this was her first big test as a queen and that she would never earn the trust or respect of her people if she didn’t do something about it herself.

After much arguing, Queen Kiara called her banners and sent General Mofkers to quell the grell.

The grell proved to be more troublesome than expected. Their abilities of levitation surprised the Eridonian forces and huge numbers of men died when swarms of grell descended from the sky at night onto unsuspecting troops camped below. This would prove to be a favorite tactic of the grell, one that gave them their best victories, and one that eventually would be their downfall.

The incursion lasted 9 months, and badly bled the kingdom. So many soldiers died in the first four months of the campaign with no sign of progress that barons began appointing new landlords to replace knights sent to war under the expectation that they would not return. Many knights returned to find their lands and holdings given away or repossessed. Soldiers that were paralyzed by grell, but ultimately survived, were shunned under the belief that grell reproduced by laying their young inside those they paralyzed but did not kill.

The source of the grell was never found, but after their defeat at the Battle of Highland Camp, where the Eridonian forces set an ambush for the grell, they fled back into the hills and vanished. The ambush, comprised of building a fake camp for the army while hiding bowmen and wizards on the back edge of camp, resulted in the deaths of many Eridonian soldiers by friendly fire. Some would go on to call the use of soldiers as live bait, and the indiscriminate fire into their ranks (which were swarmed by grell), a betrayal of the very soldiers sent to fight these monsters.


Demon Invasion

In early 1510, a Demon Invasion struck the cities and towns of Shirebrook, Thornwood, Rainwood, Peatsburg, Anvil, Plainsview, Tassel, Misty Rapids, Newfort, Cauldron, Heatstroke, Limestone, causing them to fall.

Kneecap, Longcast & Weatherlight were attacked but survived. The Demons failed to make any ground at the Capital Stromheim. The Longcast firepits were made to burn the bodies of dead demons were so large they were seen from Mistrya.

It is currently unknown yet if the Demons struck any other parts of Eridon not listed.

Counties of Eridon