The world where Arcadia is part of, is the 3rd attempt by the gods to create the Prime Material Plane.

The first attempt was occupied by Dragons. The Dragon did no care, need, or worship the gods, so they eventually abandoned.

Dragons reached Arcadia and the other parts of the current Prime Material Plane in small numbers. When a Dragon is killed in the Prime Material Plane, it leaves room for a new dragon to come through.





  • Brimstone, the Fire Incarnate - Ruled over Gade Isle from 1509-07-12 to 1509-10-28
    • Was the "Flame Incarnate" in first appearance (Seaborn ep 5)
    • 100 foot long Red Dragon (200+ feet including tail).
  • Urion aka Sky [F] - Brass Dragon in Hourglass Desert, rumored to be killed by Brimstone (Misscliks: Seaborn - Chapter 4 Episode 1) but Zweihard met him afterwards (Dicing with Death Episode 140)
  • Nixiem [F] - Gold Dragon that advises the royal family of Eridon.
  • Hydroxis [F] - Mist Dragon that lives near Hillsborough. Rumored to live on Misty Valley island.
  • Green Dragon - It's skeleton lies at the bottom of a lake in the Ivywood south of Redport. (Dicing with Death Episode 067)
  • 3 Young Green Dragons - In 1509 they left the next and found homes around Eridon. 1 near Newfort, 1 near Shirebrook.



  • Scoria [F] - Red Dragon - "Rules" Mistrya, the people of the kingdom pay tribute at the start of every season in exchange for their lives. Attacks Sylvas often, as she feels like they are inside her territory as well and the Elves of Sylvas disagree. Arrived in Mistrya about 150 years ago. Destroyed Kes & Kellen's Village (Misscliks Devotion: Episode 22).


  • No known native dragons, but the elven lands are often attacked by Azoron from the west and Scoria to the South.

Free Towns

  • Azoron [M] - lives in the Draken Ridge West of Sylvas. Terrorises the plains to the east of it. The area causing refugees to flood into Mistrya. Later was on top of mountain at North end of Vodan Plains. (Shenanigans Episode 113). Been here 500 or so years.
  • A mysterious good dragon lives at the north end of the Draken Ridge.


  • Abraxia [M] - Controls the western side of Paradise Island (GNoME's largest Island).


The Talens

Caldonia Mainland

  • Sleet - White Dragon (Met by Misscliks Seaborn twice and a three times by Frozen Frontier).
    • Body is 30 feet, tail is another 20 feet.
  • Squall - White Dragon
    • Body is 50 feet long, tail is another 40 feet.
  • Gale aka "Snowflake" - White Dragon
    • Body is 50 feet long, tail is another 40 feet.
  • Frostbite - White Dragon
    • Twice the size of Gale & Squall.