Chronological Order of Episodes

Date Episode Event
1508-11-?? DwD 058 Tyrus Bellows, agent of Voraci, arrives in Redport from Solum.
1508-11-?? DwD 059 Tyrus Bellows poisons Lord Jaycob Redwing of Redport
1508-11-?? DwD 059 Tyrus Bellows is killed by hobgoblins.
DwD 062 Silax's clan chief drags in the remains of Tyrus Bellows. That night Silax gets a vision from the Goddess Voraci that the Hobgoblins are to prepare for war.
DwD 063 The Firebrand clan capture a distillery. That night Silax gets another vision from the Goddess Voraci.
DwD 064 Silax recruits Fish-men into the coming war.
DwD 064 Silax recruits the Spiked-foot Hobgoblin clan into the coming war.
1508-11-28 DwD 065 Silax recruits giants into the coming war, after passing their test.
1508-11-30 DwD 066 The Silax recovers the Flaming Spine.
1508-12-06 DwD 066 The various armies gather to Silax.
1508-12-07 DwD 067 Silax sieges Redport with Giants, Hobgoblins, & Fish-men.
DwD 068 Silax's journey ends.
1509-01-01 DwD 071 Georg arrives in Whiteshore from Solum. Meets Reptar. Ends day in Halfling Village in Highshire.
1509-01-01 HcH 01 The party investigate the Uglyifcation of Lady Twintower.
1509-01-02 DwD 072.1 Georg visits the Goblin Woods.
1509-01-07 DwD 072.4 Georg meets Pourvin.
1509-01-14 HcH 02 Croak's sister is about to give birth, so Croak asks Van-Healsing to travel to his hometown to bless the birth.
1509-01-15 DwD 073.2 Georg and Reptar reach Shirebrook.
1509-01-16 DwD 073.3 Georg meets Rohana the Diviner & Sheriff Tyrus Bellows
1509-01-18 DwD 073.3 Georg meets Arc Aldric
1509-01-21 DwD 073.4 Georg kills some Bullywugs for some Dwarves.
1509-01-22 DwD 074.1 Georg is shown the portal to the Shadow Realm.
1509-01-23 DwD 074.2 Georg obtains the Amulet of Malkis.
1509-01-24 DwD 074.3 Rohana the Diviner reads Georg's mind and thinks he's a Lich, prompting an emergency response from all the nobles.
1509-01-24 HcH 03 Van-Healsing sent to the village of Burnshire to officiate a funeral.
1509-01-26 DwD 074.4 Georg arrives in Thornwood for the first time and finds what happened to Reptar.
1509-01-26 HcH 03 Party return to Shirebrook to find Malakai's Father has become ill.
1509-01-27 DwD 075 Georg assumes the identity as Carl the Engineer.
1509-01-27 HcH 04 Bullywugs attack Shirebrook in retaliation for Georg's actions in DwD 73.4.
1509-01-29 DwD 076 Georg Arrives in Misty Rapids for the first time
HcH 04 The party leave on a boat for Redport.
HcH 05 The party fight for survival on on Hobgoblin Island, south of Anvil
HcH 06 The party fight the undead in an abandoned temple near Anvil.
1509-02-04 DwD 076.4 Georg becomes Arc Mage of Misty Rapids
1509-02-04 HcH 07 Party arrive in Redport for first time.
1509-02-05 DwD 077 Georg is given his first tasks as the Arc Mage.
DwD 078 Georg joins Kel Greller on patrol for Gnolls, before going out solo to hunt down for some displacer beasts.
HcH 08 Party head to the village of Ratberg near Redport to take care of a Giant Rat problem.
One Shots: Nick & Sean John & Aurelius are tasked by Sheriff Tyrus Bellows to attack some Goblins and uncover a connection with the Bastard of the Firewood, Kerak.
DwD 079 Georg investigates to find a murderous sorcerer in Thornwood for Arc Ramdall.
HcH 09 Croak & Malakai recon and investigate Boren's shop for later theft. Van gets a quest about missing people on the road to Hillsborough, and the party sets out.
DwD 080 Georg continues his investigation into the murderous sorcerer in Thornwood.
DwD 081 Georg & Kel Greller fight a Gnoll Raid. Later that day Georg investigates an underground temple Lady Dysec is having excavated, but finds a wraith inside.
HcH 10 Party scout the hills around Hillsborough. Rumor that a tax wagon disappeared too. They hire 3 Dwarves, Redbeard and 2 Brownbeards to accompany them on the mission.
DwD 082 Georg finds more wraiths like the one he fought before are now attacking neabry villagers. Georg needs to solve the problem... with Mother Ulmmin's help.
HcH 11 The party, after meeting with Baron of Hillsborough, Lord Wiley Deephill, sets out with 2 knights and 20 watchmen to fight Ogres, who have the missing taxes.
DwD 083 Georg meets a Paladin. It doesn't go well.
DwD 084 Georg kills some wraiths in barrows and runs into Aldric.
HcH 12 The party return to Redport and Croak conducts his heist on Boren.
DwD 085 Georg heads back to Thornwood to investigate Lady Redshield's residence.
HcH 13 The party is back in the town of Ratsberg. Van is trying to undo a curse on Little Jimmy.
DwD 086 Kel Greller and Baron Song have caught a thief and Georg has to find out who the inside man is.
HcH 14 The party is given a quest to save Baroness of Shirebrook's Daughter, Sella, from the Bastards of the Firewood in Anvil.
DwD 087 A chimera attacks Misty Rapids. Kel Crystal, Kel Greller and Georg head from the keep to defend the town.
HcH 15 The party arrive in Anvil and seek to infiltrate the ranks of the Bastards of the Firewood in order to save Lady Sella from imprisonment.
1509-04-15 DwD 088 Baron Song uses a love potion on Lady Dysec.
1509-04-23 DwD 088 The Witch of the Wilds, escorted by Georg, arrives at Misty Rapids Keep, invited by Baron Song.
HcH 15 The party return to Shirebrook.
DwD 089 Georg learns of Baron Song's father's poisoning.
1509-05-21 DwD 090 Wendlin family party fire, killing dozens of nobles in a village near Rainwood
One Shots: Fortunes End Bishop and Gunter try to solve the mystery of the city of Fortune.
DwD 091 Georg, Sheriff Cody & Ranger Stix leave Thornwood and head north to Rainwood to deal with a vampire.
DwD 092 Georg returns to Thornwood and report in to Countess Castillion on the failed assault on the vampire, before returning to Misty Rapids.
1509-06-01 DwD 093 Georg gets Gnoll Bones, kills the murderous jeweler and gets his bones too
1509-06-06 DwD 093.4 The Baron of Cauldron, Baron Steamwall is marching on Misty Rapids with an invasion force.
1509-06-07 DwD 094.1 Speak with Mother Emma.
1509-06-11 DwD 094.3 Siege of Misty Rapids.
1509-06-11 FroFro 00 Caldonian Expedition sets out
1509-06-13 DwD 095 Georg and Baron Song conquer Cauldron.
1509-06-15 Seaborn 2:9 Embershore moves near Gade Isle
1509-06-16 Seaborn 3:1 The party is marooned on an island at an unknown location. They meet the mysterious Trellis.
HcH 16 One month after getting back to Shirebrook.
Seaborn 3:2
1509-06-20 FroFro 01 Party arrives at Fort Wikk.
Seaborn 3:3 The party find some crypts on the island.
1509-06-23 DwD 095.3 Georg and Baron Song travel to Thornwood to explain war.
HcH 17
Seaborn 3:4 Fighting in the crypts.
1509-06-25 FroFro 02 The party capture the Gnoll Gnash and interrogate him at Fort Wikk.
Seaborn 3:5 More fighting in the crypts.
Seaborn 3:6 Trellis convinces Temriel, the skeleton Priest of Tempos to stand down and to help the party. Temriel was alive during the breaking of Arcadia 1500 years ago, but kept going by the power of Tempos.
HcH 18
Seaborn 3:7 Party finally leave the island using Temriel's magical ship.
1509-06-30 FroFro 03
HcH 19
Seaborn 3:8
1509-07-05 DwD 096.3 Georg arrives in Pernisis.
1509-07-05 FroFro 04 Gnoll Ambush
Seaborn 3:9
1509-07-07 FroFro 04 Tomb Raid
1509-07-12 Seaborn 3:10 Brimstone is freed near Gade Isle
1509-07-13 FroFro 05 Kobold Ambush at Fort Wikk
1509-07-17 HcH 20 HcH Party goes to Stromheim the first time
HcH 21
1509-07-27 FroFro 06 Kobolds hunted down by Caldonian Expedition.
1509-08-05 DwD 097 Georg meets Kassandra the Medusa
Devotion 01 Kellen take Olivia to meet his parents for the first time.
HcH 22
1509-08-08 DwD 098.1 Georg wakes up at Serenas Tower in the Soggy Hills
1509-08-12 Seaborn 4:01 A month after Brimstone was freed, the party set out back into the world.
One Shots: Refugees Ithir Arauco, Bruh and Harrow are refugees trying to get into Mistrya.
Devotion 02 The Party try to get into Mistrya along side a group of refugees.
FroFro 07
HcH 23
Seaborn 4:02
Devotion 03
HcH 24
Seaborn 4:03
1509-08-23 DwD 099.4 Countess Castillion of Thornwood is assassinated
Devotion 04
1509-08-25 HcH 25 Baroness Valmont of Shirebrook is assassinated
Seaborn 4:04
Devotion 05
1509-08-27 FroFro 08 Yeti Cave
HcH 26
Seaborn 4:05 Fehana joins the party. They sail south to Caldonia in search of a temple of Velmontarious.
Devotion 06
HcH 27
Seaborn 4:06 Still in Caldonia.
Devotion 07
HcH 28
Seaborn 4:07 Still in Caldonia.
Devotion 08
HcH 29
Seaborn 4:08 Still in Caldonia.
Devotion 09
1509-09-27 FroFro 09 Salt Port Lighthouse
HcH 30
Seaborn 4:09 The party leaves Caldonia. Sails past Eridon towards Gade Isle
Devotion 10
1509-10-10 FroFro 10 Arrive at Salt Mine.
1509-10-10 FroFro 11 Salt Mine Safe is looted.
Seaborn 4:10 The Party returns to Gade Isle.
Devotion 11
HcH 31
Seaborn 4:11
Devotion 12
1509-10-17 FroFro 11 The party defeat a Owlbear on the way back to the Salt Port Lighthouse
HcH 32
Seaborn 4:12 Party is on Gade Isle.
Devotion 13
1509-10-23 FroFro 12
HcH 33 Arc Aldric is killed by a Troll in his tower.
Devotion 14
1509-10-28 Seaborn 4:13 Brimstone is killed on Icecap on Gade Isle.
HcH 34
Devotion 15
HcH 35
Devotion 16
1509-11-12 Dwd ? Baron Song become Count Song of Thornwood
1509-11-18 HcH 36 A wizard sets fire to Redport, burning hundreds of civilians
Devotion 17
1509-11-23 FroFro 13 The party are droppoed off at Treasure Town.
HcH 37
1509-11-26 DwD ? Georg becomes Baron of Misty Rapids
1509-12-04 HcH 38 Van-Healsing & Kain go to Plane of Shadow.
Devotion 18
1509-11-25 FroFro 14 The party loot the treasure in Treasure Town.
1509-11-?? FroFro 14 The party return to Fort Wikk.
1509-12-28 HcH:Arcadia 5 Malakai & Georg go to Plane of Shadow.
1509-12-30 FroFro 15
1510-01-01 HcH:Otherside 6 Portal in Shirebrook is closed, and moved to Shirebrook Keep.
1510-01-01 Devotion 19 The group Party Plan the Bridgelight bridge lighting ceremony for the new year for Kel Bel.
1510-01-04 FroFro 16 Fight with the Giant at the Gnoll Tower.
1510-01-06 HcH 39 & 40 Georg turned to stone. Malakai & Van-Healsing flee to Drekis
1510-01-09 FroFro 17
1510-01-11 Devotion 20 Party sent by Kel Bel of Bridgelight to investigate fires coming from Longcast.
1510-01-11 Devotion 20 Party arrives in Longcast and bonfires burning demon bodies & investigate the injected in a temple.
1510-01-14 Devotion 21 Party leave Longcast.
1510-01-15 Devotion 21 Party investigate Limestone and find it undamaged.
1510-01-16 Devotion 21 Party investigate Cauldron and find it abandoned of people and some demons.
1510-01-?? RollPlay: Pride of Vanderhorn
1510-01-21 Devotion 22 Party return to Bridgelight and report in about Demon Invasion of Eridon.
1510-03-03 FroFro 18 Find Fort Pass
1510-03-04 FroFro 18 Kel William meets Sleet. Party retreat back to Treasure Town.
Devotion 23
1510-03-? HcH 41 Malakai meets the Bon' Theris VIPs & goes Giant Hunting.
Devotion 24
Devotion 25
Devotion 26
1510-04-? HcH 42 Malakai leaves Bon' Theris for Eridon to find books for his library.
1510-04-? HcH 42 Second Fleet Disappears. Malakai disappears.
Devotion 27
Devotion 28
1510-04-15 FroFro 19 Party returns to Salt Port and fight the ghost in the brothel.
1510-04-21 FroFro 20 Jaromir creates Kat the frost elemental. Grimes and Jaromir fight an ooze. William invites Mangi to come to meet them at Salt Port.
Devotion 29
Devotion 30
1510-05-12 FroFro 21 Battle of Salt Port Keep.
1510-05-13 FroFro 22 Party hides from Sleet inside Salt Port Keep.
Devotion 31
1510-05-?? FroFro 22 Party return to Fort Wikk to recover from the Battle of Salt Port Keep.
Devotion 32
1510-06-? HcH 42 Malakai appears back in Bon' Theris.
Devotion 33
Devotion 34
Devotion 35
Devotion 36
Devotion 37
Devotion 38
1510-07-20 FroFro 23 The party fight Sleet.
Devotion 39 Kellen & Olivia visit her hometown near Kneecap in Eridon, post Demon Invasion.
Devotion 40 Kellen & Olivia plan to have their wedding in Bridgelight in Mistrya. Olivia rejects Alex Guilder.
1510-09-19 FroFro 24 The party haul the treasure hoard back to Fort Wikk.
1510-09-21 FroFro 25 Fight at Fort Wikk.
1510-11-21 FroFro 26 Arrival at Swampside
1510-11-21 FroFro 27 Tomb of the King
1510-12-07 FroFro 28 Tomb of the King
1510-12-17 FroFro 29 Dead Wood
1510-12-19 FroFro 30 Party meed Nimrod.
FroFro 31 The party befriends a local Kobold Tribe.
1511-02-20 FroFro 32 Party head out from Swampside to retrieve the rest of the loot from Sleet's Cave
1511-03-01 FroFro 33 The god Belum speaks at the party.
1511-03-29 FroFro 34 The party defeat a Dracolich in the Crypts of the Illumis Temple.
1511-04-06 FroFro 35 The party talk with some giants. Are told of two locations to explore as well as some history of Caldonia.
1511-04-20 FroFro 36 Party discover the Imperial Mine, an Iron Mine. The next day they send word to Drekis with the news.
1511-05-13 FroFro 36 Party begin exploring the Crypts under the Giant Temple to Nerual.
1511-05-29 FroFro 37 Party finishes exploring the Crypts under the Giant Temple to Nerual.